WE are a GROUP of highly Passionate startup experts

who want to make a difference to the environment in a positive fashion and influence the economy in a tiny little way we can and lead to improved natural energy and promote healthy living society.

Envo Green is a company dedicated to its vision of a cleaner and Greener future …. We specialize and believe in Sustainable fuel development & in recycling the highly refined natural wastes to a greener and cleaner environment.

Envo Greens main trade and trust is to introduce more environmentally friendly refining Green Fuel and Green Energy by consuming the conceivable large quantities of waste oils, low quality greases and used cooking oils.

Our Ultimate vision was to explore this untouched terrain through a careful screening of network standard to ensure workable expansion for all involved. We implemented aggressive tactics and identified rational opportunities to be executed, following that approximately 2,50,000 kgs of Used Cooking Oil was collected from 500+ Food business Operators in Chennai within Nine months.

Our passion for sustainable energy lead to the headway of EnvoGreen’s successful launch, our in-depth knowledge of distillery industry and our passion for green living would mark our existence today.

Envogreen Energy is a registered and officially approved aggregator by Tamil Nadu Food Safety department and FSSAI enrolled Biodiesel Manufacturers under RUCO (Repurposed Used Cooking Oil)